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Tax season is here again and it's easy to get a ballpark figure of where you stand with the IRS by using our federal tax brackets table below and the federal tax calculators to determine your tax liability. The fed tax brackets table will help calculate tax brackets and rates for income, Medicare, and social security taxes.

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As we roll into the new year, tax season offers up a smorgasbord of confusing tax codes, deductions, credits and calculations.

Part of those tax calculation formulas happens to be the IRS annual federal tax brackets and rates adjustments.

While the federal tax brackets adjust annually based on the economy, tax rates are added, subtracted, and adjusted based on our confused government.

Now you might ask, what makes our government so confused? The answer to that my friend is, you simply don't have enough time to hear it all, - but GREED is by far the biggest factor!

How To Use Our Federal Tax Brackets And Tax Rates Calculation Tool

Our tax bracket calculator allows you to see the current federal income tax brackets as well as the corresponding tax rates associated with those brackets based on tax filing status.

There are 3 federal taxing entities that are calculated into your total federal income tax bill. Each one is represented separately in the tax tool below. These 3 taxing entities include:

  • Federal Income Taxes (based on filing status)
  • Social Security Taxes (flat rate for everyone)
  • Medicare Taxes (based on tax filing status)

As you can see from the drop down list, each taxing entity nibbles away at your income to take their share of your riches. It's never fun watching a significant part of your income get taken away and wasted in many cases by poor government spending.

How Federal Tax Brackets Associate To Tax Rates

Each tax bracket for every filing status carries its own tax rate. The portion of your income that falls within each tax bracket is taxes at the associated rate.

Therefore several calculations need to be made for each tax bracket where you have earnings. Then those totals are all added together to get your final federal tax liability.

Simply right? well maybe not but it can be if you just use our federal income tax calculator that does all the hard work for you. Give it a try, it's Free!!!

They say, there is nothing more certain than death and taxes. Unfortunately taxes can't wait without costing more.

Using our fed tax brackets table along with a federal tax calculator link above, you can determine your estimated tax liability along with your average and marginal federal income tax rates.

It's a wise choice to perform several tax calculations each year in order to stay on top of your tax liabilities.

Without proper tax planning your annual tax liability can spin right out of control leaving you with a large year-end tax bill or a substantial refund you could have kept the whole time.

Using The Fed Tax Brackets Rates Table:

Fed Tax Brackets CalculatorOur interactive federal tax brackets calculation table is an easy tool to use that can help you figure out your federal income tax.

Just select your filing status and the tax year you are filing, i.e. the year you earned the money your filing your tax return for.

Once you have selected your filing status and tax year, the current tax rates for all fed tax brackets will be presented to you with automatic results based on selections from the drop down.

From 2000 to 2002 most fed tax brackets dropped by one percent, and there was a new lower federal tax bracket added at the very bottom. In 2003 most fed tax brackets got an additional cut of two percent with the top tax brackets getting the biggest break. And you wonder why the feds can't balance the budget...

H&R Block Online Federal Tax PreparationIn December of 2010, All tax brackets were frozen through 2012 at their current rates as Congress made those tax freeze changes legal.

Had Congress not acted before the New Year, all tax brackets rates would have automatically reverted to where they were in 2000, meaning a big tax rate increase for everybody. So with all tax rates temporarily frozen, all fed tax brackets were set to remain at their previous levels until after the twenty twelve elections.

TurboTax and HR Block tax calculators make computing taxes fast, easy and accurate.

These fed tax brackets, rates and income tax calculators make the job of preparing tax returns easier and more accurate. You can use these calculators to get the correct result for your deductions, credits and taxes due.

TurboTax Online Federal Tax FilingTurboTax Online Tax Filing and HR Block Online Tax Preparation offer federal income tax calculators that perform complex computations for each line of your income tax form. These are Internal Revenue Service approved calculators and are wise choices since some calculators may not give you the answer that the IRS needs and you can wind up with a penalty.

Your Federal Tax Bracket helps you determine your income tax rate which is the rate you pay on your total taxable dollars earned during the tax year. This is the net amount of earnings after deductions have been taken.

Different tax rates are applied by portion to determine your overall tax amount due, as income increases into another tax bracket that portion falling within the next bracket is taxed at that new higher tax rate.

After all your fed tax bracket rates are calculated for each tax bracket portion of income, your overall average tax rate can be determined using a tax calculator link above.

Consider the following tips about tax calculators and calculating your federal income tax brackets, rates and taxes owed, or your tax refund amount:

1. Choose tax tools and calculators that teach you how to invest wisely for the future.

2. Learn what tax calculators calculate and how to make the most of this information.

3. Educate yourself on the many functions of tax deduction calculators.