Tax Season Federal and State Tax Tools 2019 - 2020

File A Federal Tax Extension

Time is not on my side when it comes to tax return preparation. I always seem to push this task back to the bottom of my to-do list and then all of a sudden, the tax filing deadline sneaks up on me.

Fortunately, anyone can apply for a federal tax extension to gain more time to prepare and file their federal tax return with the IRS.

This handy little tool has been a stress saver for me since my procrastinating skills are so high when it comes to my tax return preparation task.

Filing For A Federal Tax Extension Is Quick And Easy, And Takes Just A Few Minutes

Fact is, anyone can apply for a federal tax extension, and pretty much everyone will be approved. It is very rare to not be approved, and the reasons are generally a mistake on the information that was reported on tax extension form 4868.

In the event of a denial for a tax extension, the IRS will give you a reason for the denial so that you can make corrections and resubmit your tax extension form for approval.

Simple right? but what's the catch? Well, there is no catch, its really that easy. And its a task I'm willing to perform each and every year so that I can relax and get to my tax return on my time, instead of rushing to meet the deadline.

Best of all, Uncle Sam could care less why your filing a tax extension, and he won't ask for a reason. Just submit your tax extension form and get approved for 6 more months.

Avoiding The April 15th Tax Filing Deadline

This deadline is a timeline not to be ignored.

Here's the facts! You must pay your taxes owed by the April 15 tax filing deadline. This is the case regardless of whether you have been approved for a tax extension or not.

A tax extension does NOT grant you more time to pay any taxes you may still owe. If you do not pay what you owe by April 15, you will be subjected to penalty and interest charges on the unpaid balance by the IRS.

If this sounds like a staunch warning, it is!!!

Don't let this little warning go without being attended to. The IRS can tack on interest pretty darn quick and before you know it you will be paying a much bigger tax bill than you thought.

File Your Federal Tax Extension Now!

So there it is in a nutshell, pay your taxes or else. I'm typically way behind when tax season comes to a close, but I do pay my taxes to avoid additional charges that will put my play time budget on hold.

You can perform this task online in just a few minutes.

Once completed, you will submit your tax extension to the IRS by efile, then you will be notified of their acceptance.

Given the complexity of the 73,000-plus pages stuffed into the U.S. Income Tax Code, I’ve come to realize that I'm not the only one of the 11 million American taxpayers who file a tax extension due to procrastinating.

No matter how organized I think I am, every year I find myself pushing the tax preparation task to the side for way too long.

This last-minute crunch is a commonality in my life. Procrastinate?

Yes I do procrastinate, and the Internal Revenue Service does not care about my lack of commitment. But they will give me more time!

Get Your Tax Extension Now!