Tax Season Federal and State Tax Tools 2019 - 2020

Federal Tax Filing Software

Federal Tax Filing can be stressful and daunting to do on your own. We all know the dread of facing the pile of receipts and forms with a deadline looming in the near future. It's time to change that dread into a chore you can check off the to-do list with ease. Taxes don't have to be such a tedious process anymore with all the federal tax software editions available on the market today. Your federal tax forms can be done and filed online for a far more positive experience than you've probably had in the past.

Benefits to online federal tax filing include the fact that you can receive your federal tax refund in less than 2 weeks, and that it can be directly deposited into your bank account.

No waiting for the mail, no running to the bank.

How much better is that than the way you've been doing taxes up until now?

What to look for in your Federal Tax Software

Federal tax preparation software has so many different options that there is sure to be a tax program that suits your needs and situation. No matter what your tax circumstances are, there is software that makes filing federal taxes an easy, painless process. Even state tax returns can be done online and usually right from the federal program your working with.

Many programs today offer free filing for the federal forms, with a moderate fee for filing the state forms. Quite a bargain compared to paying someone else to complete the forms for you! And wouldn't you rather keep that money for yourself anyway?

There are several different levels of federal tax preparation software ranging from the simple to the more complex tax situation. It just means determining what level of detail meets your needs.

There are free tax program out there as well that may be a perfect fit for you. It will require that you look through some programs to find one that offers all the things you need. You can find  programs that are for the person who is not a homeowner and who files a simple form with no itemized deductions for free.

Paid versions will accommodate capitol gains and losses from stocks and bonds, help you itemize deductions and maximized mortgage deduction interest, and even versions that allow you to live chat with someone when you have questions. The more detailed programs will not be free but will be very reasonable in price.

Federal Tax Filing Software That Guarantees You The Biggest Biggest Refund Is Now A Norm!

Of course, the tried and true brands will serve you well should you choose one of those. Turbo Tax Software Editions along with H & R Block Software Editions are top-selling brands for good reason. They offer quality and support you need to complete the process easily. People return to these programs year after year because they deliver what they promise. There are several other software options offered on this page including TaxAct, E-Smart-Tax and FreeTaxUSA. Each one has something to offer and one is sure to fit your needs.

No matter what kind of help you need to complete your taxes, whether it's walking through a basic short form or guidance on income from stocks and bonds, that help is available.

Check out the software options available, it will pay off with the federal income tax software that is a perfect fit for you. Everything from free tax filing to low cost help from a professional is available.

Online Federal Tax Filing

Top choices for preparing and filing your federal income taxes online.

With online tax filing your federal taxes couldn't be easier to complete, provided that your using a top quality federal tax software brand. Online federal tax filing software brands are everywhere but, keeping your sanity and avoiding complicated programs is key to a good tax preparation experience.

The two top contenders TurboTax and H&R Block continue to dominate market share as they lead the tax software market in annual sales.

TurboTax Online Federal Tax Filing Editions

  • Free Edition, Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business

H&R Block Online Federal Tax Filing Editions

  • Free Edition, Basic, Deluxe, Premium, Home & Business

General performance features of Federal Tax Software Editions are fairly common through most tax software brands and include:

  • Free Editions are great choices for simple returns that don't require special forms or support for homeowners, and itemized deductions. They don't include import featured or extended support for complicated filing needs.
  • Basic Editions include additional support and import features for importing financial data and previous years common information to avoid repeating a previously completed process.
  • Deluxe Editions are the right choices for taking advantage of every deduction and credit you can. These editions search out tax benefits, credits and deductions to ensure your taking every advantage you can to decrease your tax bill and increase your refund. Ideal for families and home owners.
  • Premium and Premier Editions are the best choice for investors and rental property owners. Get the support you need to insure your investments are being taxed fairly. With top notch support your investments are correctly analyzed for their industry to find and tax advantaged that may be applied.
  • Home & Business Editions These editions offer the best of both worlds, personal and business tax filing in one package. Get all the support you need to file your individual and business tax returns online the easy way.

Completing your federal tax filing online is by far the fastest growing sector in tax preparation. Every year more tax filers opt for do-it-yourself online filing to save time and money. Preparing your taxes online also eliminates tax program issues and computer glitches from conflicting software installations on your computer.

TurboTax and H&R Block Tax Calculators

TurboTax Federal Tax Software

H&R Block Federal Tax Software

Consider your unique needs when comparing federal tax preparation software. If you are single with no children or have a mortgage and only one W-2, for example, you may find that free editions of online tax filing will work perfect for your needs.

On the other hand, small business owners and independent contractors may find a high-end package more suitable for their tax filing needs.

Consider the amount of support you want to receive when using the software. Some packages offer live assistance on tax issues over the phone or online.

Others offer technical support through online facts and questions databases as well as online community help. Most tax software offers optional state tax preparation forms and functionality at an additional cost.

Your state income taxes are calculated in much the same manner as federal income taxes through an in-depth questionnaire to calculate deductions and taxes owed.

Top Desktop Federal Tax Software Choices

Popular Options Include TurboTax and H&R Block that are top rated choices. These brands have built up a reputation for ease-of-use and reliability over the years, and both offer products at several price points for users with different needs.

TurboTax Desktop Federal Tax Software

TurboTax Desktop Federal Tax Software

TurboTax Download and Boxed CD Federal Editions are a great choice for those who  want to install the tax software on their computer and work without the need for an internet connection until or unless you choose to efile your return with the IRS.

TurboTax Download Questions and Answers

When will I be able to download TurboTax? TurboTax federal tax software is available to download around the middle of December for each new tax season. TurboTax state downloads generally start becoming available in early December thru mid-January.

Is the TurboTax download software the same as the CD-ROM? Yes. When you download, you get exactly the same TurboTax software that comes on the CD, except you get it much faster! Keep in mind that you may need to update  the software as tax laws change and updated become available.

What if a download is interrupted or I lose my connection? No need to worry. Your download will resume where you left off without the need to restart from the beginning.

How often can the software be downloaded?

As many times as you want, and for up to 3 years after you made the purchase. Just sign in to access and re-download your software at anytime.

H&R Block Desktop Federal Tax Software

H&R Block Download and Boxed CD Editions also offer customers a quality product to install on their computer.

H&R Block Tax Software

Install H&R Block Software or Updates

The H&R Block federal software downloads and update are available for easy access at anytime after the software editions are released each year.

For updates just select which version of the HR Block Federal software you're using; Basic, Deluxe, Premium or Premium Home and Business then click Download Update.

Be sure to select the correct edition, otherwise the software will not update correctly. To determine which edition of H&R Block At Home you have, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the software
  • From the Help menu select About H&R Block
  • The software edition is displayed to the right.